Spade Poker is closing in:

But don’t worry – we will guide you to a better poker experience.

The NYX/Ongame network will soon be closing, and therefore so will our poker room, Spade Poker. At the same time as Spade has become less popular, the number of players in our other poker room, Heart Poker, has been increasing everyday.

We want to be able to offer you the very best, which is why it feels good that in future we will be gathering together all our offers, competitions and added value in Heart Poker.

Spade Poker will close on 29 September, but if you actively choose to close your Spade Poker account now, we will give you some nice offers when you create an account in Heart Poker:

Switch over now and get this:


  • €500 Loyalty Reward

    Activated when you close your Spade account .


  • €10 in Tournament Tickets

    1: One €5 Fish Party ticket
    2: One €3.30 Flush Royale ticket
    3: One €2.20 Live Event ticket

    Paid when you play your first raked Texas cash game hand


  • 25% Bonus on Loyalty Points

    When you transfer your points from Spade Poker

Sorry, this offer is only available for players that already have a Spade Poker account
You still have tournament tickets for Spade Poker. Use them before you continue, or they will be lost.
You don't have a Heart Poker account yet.

We will help you to get going, just click on the button and follow the instructions.

You have {{scCtrl.loyaltyPoints }} loyalty points. Transfer them to Heart Poker now and get {{scCtrl.loyaltyPoints *1.25 }}

Note: The loyalty points in Heart Poker are valid for 90 days.

Your Spade account is now closed, and we have given you lots of great stuff to get started in Heart Poker.

  • €500 Loyalty Reward
  • €10 in Tournament Tickets:
    • 1 €5 Fish Party ticket
    • 1 €3.30 Flush Royale ticket
    • 1 €2.20 Live Event ticket


{{scCtrl.movedLoyaltyPoints * 1.25}} Loyalty Points

Remember, they are only valid for 90 days.

More advantages of Heart Poker:


Bigger guaranteed tournaments


More players


Qualifiers for the popular MPN Poker Tour


More fun campaigns


A better poker experience

What happens to my loyalty points?

You can choose what to do with the loyalty points you have earned in Spade Poker:

  1. Use them before 29 September.
  2. Move them to Heart Poker. You will receive 25% extra for them before 29 September (eg 100 points will give you 125 points in Heart).
  3. Exchange them for gaming money you can use on other games at

    NB: Loyalty points in Heart Poker are only valid for 90 days.

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What happens to my tournament tickets in Spade?

If you have tournament tickets left in Spade Poker, make sure you use them before 29 September. It is not possible to transfer them to Heart Poker.