Frequently Asked Questions

Gaming account

Problem logging in - security question

Please send an email from the address you have registered in your gaming account to, stating your username, full name and date of birth, and we will then send you the answer to your security question.

What is bonus money?

Bonus money can only be used as gaming money and cannot be withdrawn. However, all winnings made with bonus money can be withdrawn as usual. When you receive bonus money we let you know which games you can play with your bonus money.

Account locked/not accessible

Your account may be locked for various reasons. The most common reasons include:

  • 3 failed attempts to type correct password: If you have tried to log into your gaming account using the wrong password three times, your account will be locked automatically for security reasons.
  • 3 failed attempts to type correct answer to security question: The answer to the security question is provided by customers when they register an account with Paf, and cannot be changed. Following 3 failed attempts to write the answer to the security question, the account will be automatically locked for security reasons.
  • Other reason - check your mail for more information: Check your email (including spam folder) and your Paf inbox for a message from Paf. If you haven't received any information from us, please contact our helpdesk.

If you are unable log into your gaming account, please contact our helpdesk (open daily between 08:00 & 23:00 GMT). Call us for free within the UK: 0800 023 2291 or send us e-mail at: Please include your username, full name and date of birth in your request.

How to close my account?

To close your account, please send a written request to us at Remember to include your full name, username and date of birth, and your gaming account will be locked immediately. We will make sure that any bets have been settled and that all banking transactions are completed.

What platforms and browsers are supported?

We recommend you keep your platform and browser software up-to-date. At the moment we support the following:
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10, IE 11
Safari, Chrome, Firefox
Android 4.4 +
Chrome, Android browser
iOS 8/9
Safari, Chrome

Deposits and withdrawals

Withdrawals - when will I have my money?

After you make a withdrawal request, your money will be deposited to your bank account within 3–7 banking days.

If you use an e-wallet, the money will be deposited in your e-wallet account during the next banking day.

Withdrawals - unexpected delays

Delays can be caused by many different reasons. Please check your email (including spam folder) and inbox on the site to see if you have received a message from us. If you can't find a message, please contact us at

I am unable to withdraw money

When you switch withdrawal methods, a 7-day withdrawal freeze is activated for security purposes.

If you're unable to withdraw money and haven't changed your withdrawal method, please contact us at

Can I see how close I am to my deposit limit?

Yes you can. Log in and go to Account and then select Safe gaming tools. In the My deposit limit box you can check your remaining amount at any time. There are also other safe gaming tools on this page you might want to consider.


Can I get a bonus for my first deposit?

No, but check out our fun competitions, where we raffle off great prizes among participants.

I used a bonus code but never got my bonus

If you have found this bonus code on another site it may have expired. Please contact us at and provide them with the bonus code and information about where you found the offer, and we can help you.


I was disconnected during a poker tournament

Try to restart the client and go back to the table. If this doesn't work, please contact our helpdesk When making your query, please include your username, full name, date of birth, tournament time as well as the name of the poker client and the tournament in question.

In which tournament can I use my ticket?

When you are in the client, the scheduled tournaments that you have a ticket for will be marked with a small ticket sign.


Where can I find slot bonus offers?

You can find all current competitions under the Competitions tab in the main menu.

The game froze while I was playing

Don't worry. Just re-enter the game and it should start again from where it froze.


I can't open the betting tab. What should I do?

This might happen if Betting is not available in your country of registration. Please contact our helpdesk for more information. Remember to include your username, full name and date of birth in your query.

Why was my bet declined?

According to our Betting rules, we can decline any made bet. Read more at the terms and conditions.

My bet was not settled correctly

Please provide our helpdesk with the link to the official source of the correct result as well as the bet ID, your username, full name and date of birth. Our helpdesk is open daily 08:00–23:00 GMT. You can call us free of charge in the UK: 0800 023 2291 or send email to:


How can I use free bingo tickets?

A message in the bingo room tells you where you can use your free ticket and for how long it is valid. For example, if you receive a free ticket for the Bingo with Friends room, you can only use it there. Just press the Use ticket(s) button to use your ticket.

I was disconnected during a game

Don't worry. The ticket you bought will still be played in our multiplayer bingo games. So if the winning ticket was yours, the win will automatically be transferred to your account despite the disconnection.

In our single player games Bingo and Triple Bingo you have 30 days to return to the game. After that it will be finished automatically and any resulting winnings will be transferred to your account.

How do I know that the Paf bingo games are fair?

Our bingo games use a Random Number Generator (RNG) that is independently tested and certified. For full details see the eCogra Safe & Fair section.