Win 50 euros cash

Do you like predicting sport results? Predict our Weekend Five every weekend for free for your chance to win €50 cash.

How it works

Predict five match results for free The 10 players who get the most results right win €50 cash each Make your predictions before the first match starts

Predict here

  • Make your predictions before the first match starts. The raffle will take place after the weekend.
  • Once predicting is closed your predictions will no longer be visible. If you want to follow your predictions we recommend that you take a screenshot.
  • It is free to take part in Weekend Five, but you must be an active player (have played for real money during the last 30 days) in order to collect your winnings.
  • The winners will receive a message in their Paf Account containing a link to collect the cash. Their names will also be published on our Winners Page.
  • If the number of correct predictions exceeds the number of prizes a raffle is used to choose the prize winners from those correct predictions.