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Code of conduct for our players

Artificial aids not permitted when playing

We want it to be fun to play with us and the same rules to apply to everyone. It is important to us that everyone enjoys a level playing field, so when you play Paf Poker you are not allowed to use artificial aids.

Neither commercial nor privately developed bots are permitted. After you have downloaded the gaming client, both Paf and iPoker/Playtech make regular searches for prohibited software on your computer. Routine searches take place even if no suspicions have been aroused.

The use of such software can lead to permanent exclusion. In order to promote fair play, we also do not permit programs which

  • give the player an unfair advantage in games
  • share knowledge about hole cards with other players or facilitate prohibited cooperation with other players and/or cheating
  • use databases of hands shared with other users
  • reduce or eliminate the human element in the decision-making process (e.g. tools which automatically fold certain hands)
  • are designed to collect data on players, i.e. hands played or player profiles, based on factors other than the player’s own observations. It is not permitted to collect data in this way, either for private or commercial purposes. This point also applies to data collected legitimately. It is not permitted to share data with other players
  • provide advice in real time during games (this includes ICM analysis tools)
  • are designed to help the player circumvent our automated fraud detection systems.

In order to ensure compliance with these rules, we continuously search for forbidden software on all computers with the gaming client installed.

By using Paf Poker, you give your consent to these routine searches.

Poker Bots

  • We believe that players who use automated "poker bot" programs to make decisions or take actions on their behalf in games are cheating. All players must be comfortable and secure that they are technologically equal in our card room. To ensure this, we have banned the use of these programs.
  • To be clear, players are prohibited from operating these programs or allowing these programs to operate while logged into their accounts. This prohibition includes all games, including tournaments and ring games, for all currencies, including real money and play money.
  • Only humans are permitted to play on our site. Artificially-intelligent programs, processes, applications and all other forms of software and hardware - including "Poker Bots" or "Auto Folders" - are prohibited from making game decisions or taking game action on our site, either under their own auspices or under the supervision of a human.

Play fair

Playing fair means playing in a sportsmanlike way, i.e. you are sporting towards the other players. Collusion with other players is not permitted and will lead to permanent exclusion.

  • Each player must always play in their own best interests.
  • Players are not allowed to cooperate against other players in order to gain advantages in games.
  • Soft play is not permitted. This term refers to friendly play towards friends.
  • Chip dumping is not permitted, i.e. deliberately losing hands to an opponent in order to transfer chips.
  • Players are not permitted to share information about hole cards with other players. It is not permitted to play on the same table as a person with whom you have a shared economic interest. This means, by extension, that family members, staked players or people with shared bankrolls are not allowed to play on the same table or in the same tournaments.
  • It is not permitted to invite cooperation.

These rules apply regardless of whether there is an express contract or agreement between two people and regardless of whether any other person has suffered economic loss.

At Paf you play for yourself. “Gold farms” (i.e. when an employer pays you to play poker following your own or their strategies) are not permitted.

Any attempt at angle shooting will be penalised; try to have a sporting attitude to the rules. Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage over the other players is not permitted.

Account management

Each player is only allowed to have one account per operator. The use of multiple accounts gives an unfair advantage and will result in exclusion.

If you have an account with another operator, this is not counted as having multiple accounts. However, you may not under any circumstances log onto the network using more than one account at a time.

If you create multiple user accounts, all of them will be blocked permanently.

Shared accounts are not permitted under any circumstances; accounts are personal and sharing information is a serious security risk.

  • Never reveal your password to another person.
  • It is not permitted to allow another person to play on your account.
  • You must never use any account other than your own.

Responsible gaming

If you feel that you find it difficult to set reasonable limits on your gaming, we would prefer you not to play. You can always contact our Helpdesk for further advice and help. We have also developed some useful tools at Paf.com to help you play smarter and keep in control of your level of gaming. For more information please take a look at Play it safe

Account locking

If there are suspicions of a breach of the rules laid down by Paf and/or iPoker/Playtech, your account may be locked or closed without warning.

If it emerges that the money in a player’s account has been obtained illegally through, for example, fraud or with the aid of bots, the assets will be frozen and all pending withdrawals will be stopped.

These rules exist for your own peace of mind, so you will be able to have fun and at the same time feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you enjoy a level playing field with everyone else whenever you play with Paf.

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