Fate of the gods

Play our new game with real money to win 400 free spins and virtual tickets to our €5,000 raffle.

How do I win

  • Each day there are five different achievements to clear; Ragnarök and four Charges.

  • See how many of the four Charges you can get! Each type gives you 5 instant free spins and a €5,000 virtual raffle ticket.

  • If you get to Ragnarök we will reward you with 20 free spins and 3 virtual tickets.

How Charges work

Get 20 symbols in winning clusters during the same round to fill up the charge meter and release your Charge of Destruction.

Charges of Destruction


Get 40 symbols in winning clusters during the same round to trigger the Ragnarök.

Fury of Fenrir

Four diagonal lines of symbols are slashed on the grid. Two lines of symbols are removed, the other two lines of symbols are transformed to another symbol.

Judgment of Jörmungandr

A large number of symbols are destroyed in an unbroken path from one edge point of the grid to another edge point of the grid. Along the path, a number of different symbol are transformed into another single symbol.

Scorching of Surtr

Three symbols are set ablaze. The fire can spread to a random number of nearby symbols. All burning symbols are destroyed. In each cluster of burnt symbols, a core of new symbols is created. All symbols in each core consist of the same symbol.

Lure of Loki

Two different symbols are selected. One symbol, and all its matching symbols are removed from the grid. The other symbol and all its matching symbols are transformed to another symbol.

Raffle prizes

Position Prize
1st €1,500
2nd €700
3rd-4th €300
5th-10th €50
11th-200th €10

About the game

Win on cascading symbols and receive Charges of Destruction in this thundering game

Follow the runes and join the heroic battles in the era of Vikings. Meet Odin, the king of gods and thundering Thor; Freya, the goddess of love, war and death as well as the ever-guarding, loyal Heimdall. Impress the gods and receive their blessing to rise in rank among your kin to eventually reach the level of the gods.

The tiles drop from above to fill the game grid. Each cluster of 5 or more identical symbols rewards you with a prize. The more symbols you get in a cluster, the greater your prize.

Symbols in winning clusters burst away to be replaced by new tiles, giving you new chances to win on the same round. All wins during a game round increase the charge meter of destruction. Blast away at least 20 tiles to fully charge the charge meter and activate one of the four charges.

Want to save your free spins for later?

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  • The campaign starts at 13:00 CET on 14.8.2017 and ends at 22:59 CET on 23.8.2017.
  • The daily qualifying period is during a 24-hour day in the EET time zone. So between 23:00 CET and 22:59 CET.
  • You will earn free spins by collecting Charges of Destruction; Fury of Fenrir, Judgment of Jörmungandr, Scorching of Surtr, Lure of Loki and Ragnarök.
  • For each of the Charges of Destruction you will receive 5 free spins and a €5,000 virtual raffle ticket. For reaching Ragnarök you will receive 20 free spins and three €5,000 virtual raffle tickets.
  • You can collect free spins and virtual tickets from the Charges and Ragnarök once every day – in other words you can earn a maximum of 40 free spins each day: 20 free spins from the Charges of Destruction and another 20 free spins for Ragnarök.
  • Play for at least €0.20 real money per round to participate in the campaign.
  • Each free spin is worth €0.20.
  • The free spins will be paid out automatically after you have reached a Charge. You will be notified through a pop-up message in the game. To activate your free spins simply reload the game.
  • Each time you qualify for free spins you also collect one or more virtual tickets for our €5,000 cash raffle – three virtual tickets if you get to Ragnarök.
  • The prize raffle will take place on Thursday, 24 August. The winners will be notified in Messages at Paf.com at the latest on Friday, 25 August and their names will be published on our Winners page.
  • Free spin winnings and raffle prizes are paid out as real money.
  • If you win free spins playing on your desktop, your free spins will only be available on desktop. Similarly, free spins won on mobile will only be available on mobile.
  • You can’t collect Charges or Ragnarök during free spins.