Win up to 3500 free spins!

Play our new Valkyrie slot and win up to 500 free spins in our tournaments every day

Play at least 50 rounds of Valkyrie to get 5 free spins and qualify for the tournament. Score tournament points by collecting Wilds and trigger the Valkyrie weapons of power bonuses. Win up to 500 free spins.

Daily tournament prizes

Position Prize
1st 500 free spins
2nd 200 free spins
3rd 100 free spins
4th-10th 50 free spins

All qualified players will receive 5 free spins

Terms & Conditions

  • If you choose not to participate in the tournament by clicking "I don't want to participate" you will not be able to participate in the tournament later AND possible already achieved tournament points will be deleted from the leaderboard.
  • Play at least 50 rounds per tournament/day to qualify for the tournament and get 5 free spins. Every individual player can win one prize per tournament/day only.
  • The daily qualifying period is during a 24-hour day in the EET time zone. So between 23:00 CET and 22:59 CET.
  • The minimum bet per round is €0.20.
  • Only rounds with real money count towards the tournament, possible free spins do not count towards the tournament.
  • If you win free spins from one tournament, all of those have to be played before you can play with real money again - to participate in upcoming tournaments.
  • You can play as many 50 gaming rounds per tournament as you want to, your best round will count as your final result and will be the result that shows on the leaderboard for that particular tournament.
  • Collect points by collecting symbols and trigger bonuses: Wilds award 1 points and triggering the Valkyrie weapons of power bonuses awards 10 points.
  • The player with the highest score after 50 consecutive rounds wins. Press the win icon on the left side of the game to get to the leaderboard that shows your placement and score. Click on 'Prizes' to get to the paytable.
  • If multiple players end up with the same points, their order will be decided based on the time they reached the points total. The earliest time is ranked highest then so on.
  • All qualifying players (who play at least 50 rounds) win at least 5 free spins, every free spin is worth €0.20. Free spins will be paid out the following day by latest 11:00 CET and they are valid until 16 January 22:59 CET.
  • Top-10 winners will be published on the campaign page by latest 11:00 CET the day after each tournament.
  • Winnings from free spins are paid out as real money, without any turnover requirements.
  • Paf reserves the right to change or cancel this competition at any time.


Pos. Prize Name Score
#1500 free spins Jukka K FIN 225
#2200 free spins Johanna J FIN 215
#3100 free spins Lea K EST 211
#450 free spins Henri S FIN 204
#550 free spins Teemu P FIN 196
#650 free spins Asta M FIN 187
#750 free spins Tõnu S EST 185
#850 free spins Arja-Terttu A FIN 185
#950 free spins Janno J EST 183
#1050 free spins Mikko K FIN 180

Pos. Prize Name Score
#1500 free spins Tuomas K FIN 228
#2200 free spins Soile H FIN 219
#3100 free spins Carita S FIN 218
#450 free spins Eila S FIN 200
#550 free spins Tero L FIN 199
#650 free spins Teemu T FIN 198
#750 free spins Nina R FIN 196
#850 free spins Jarmo R FIN 193
#950 free spins Päivi L FIN 192
#1050 free spins Markku S FIN 189

Pos. Prize Name Score
#1500 free spins Stig B FIN 237
#2200 free spins Mika M FIN 232
#3100 free spins Nana K FIN 206
#450 free spins Krista E FIN 201
#550 free spins Amit K FIN 197
#650 free spins Satu S FIN 194
#750 free spins Aini M FIN 188
#850 free spins Sirpa M FIN 186
#950 free spins Mikko T FIN 186
#1050 free spins Harii Y FIN 183

Pos. Prize Name Score
#1500 free spins Ismo K FIN 210
#2200 free spins Risto R FIN 209
#3100 free spins Sonja A FIN 203
#450 free spins Petteri S FIN 200
#550 free spins Peter K FIN 199
#650 free spins Anna-Mari T FIN 197
#750 free spins Ari T FIN 183
#850 free spins Anna P FIN 182
#950 free spins Anja K FIN 181
#1050 free spins Marietta K FIN 180

Pos. Prize Name Score
#1500 free spins Valtteri S FIN 231
#2200 free spins Marko S FIN 198
#3100 free spins Petri H FIN 184
#450 free spins Tanja P FIN 181
#550 free spins Antti K FIN 179
#650 free spins Jesse K FIN 176
#750 free spins Heikki J FIN 174
#850 free spins Kristian V FIN 170
#950 free spins Sami J FIN 168
#1050 free spins Jami V FIN 167

Pos. Prize Name Score
#1500 free spins Susanna P FIN 228
#2200 free spins Jere L FIN 211
#3100 free spins Kari S FIN 209
#450 free spins Jenni M FIN 194
#550 free spins Mikko K FIN 188
#650 free spins Petri L FIN 187
#750 free spins Patrick K FIN 167
#850 free spins Emmi K FIN 167
#950 free spins Veikko K FIN 165
#1050 free spins Veli-Pekka S FIN 164

Pos. Prize Name Score
#1500 free spins John M FIN 229
#2200 free spins Hannele L FIN 227
#3100 free spins Ari K FIN 212
#450 free spins Janis M EST 209
#550 free spins Pasi P FIN 197
#650 free spins Jari S FIN 195
#750 free spins Vjatsheslav J EST 187
#850 free spins Tuula M FIN 186
#950 free spins Erki T EST 179
#1050 free spins Jarkko L FIN 177