Terms & Conditions

  • The competition starts {{campaign.startTime | localeDate}} and ends {{campaign.endTime | localeDate}}.
  • Each tournament runs daily between {{campaign.dataobject.starthour | date:'HH:mm'}} - {{ campaign.dataobject.endhour | date:'HH:mm'}}
  • To qualify you need to play at least {{campaign.dataobject.requirement}} rounds in {{campaign.gamename}} with a minimum real money bet of {{campaign.dataobject.minbet | currencySign}}.
  • Everybody who meets the tournament requirements receives {{campaign.dataobject.reward}} free spins in the {{campaign.gamename}} slot.
  • The free spins will be paid out to your account at {{campaign.dataobject.fspayout | date:'HH:mm'}} the day after the tournament ends and they are valid for {{campaign.dataobject.validdays}} days.
  • The winners of the daily tournaments will be decided by the best average payout percentage played over 20 consecutive rounds. Result=100 * (Win Round 1/Bet Round 1 + Win Round 2/Bet Round 2 + ...)/ Number of Rounds.
  • Each position can hold only one player. If two or more players have the same winning score, they will be placed successively in the prize table, after which their collective prize total will be divided equally amongst them.
  • Tournament cash prizes are paid out automatically within 10 minutes of the tournament closing.
  • Each free spin is worth {{campaign.dataobject.minbet | currencySign}}.
  • Free spin winnings and tournament prizes are paid out as real money.
  • Paf reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time.