Paf exclusive

  1. 20 free spins

    Capture 1 villain and win 20 free spins

  1. 60 free spins

    Capture 3 villains and win 60 free spins

  1. 250 free spins

    Capture 10 villains and win 250 free spins

The more villains you capture the more free spins you will win

Just spin the reels to gather soldiers and weapons to prepare for the battles. Advance through the map by winning battles along the way, reach the final battle and capture the villain. Gather your troops now to save our kingdom!

Win extra daily free spins

We will help you in the quest of capturing all 10 villains with daily extra reinforcements. Just play Little Big Heroes every day for at least €10 and you will be rewarded with 10 free spins the following day. Each of these spins adds a new soldier to your troops.

  • To get the daily free spins, you need to play Little Big Heroes for at least €10 before 22:59 CET, otherwise it will count for the next day.
  • You can win a maximum of 10 free spins per day, and a maximum of 250 free spins for capturing villains paid out at the end of the campaign.
  • The free spins that you win are like regular spins. They don’t have a win multiplier but they give you one hero.
  • Your daily free spins will be paid out at 11:00 CET the day after you’ve won them, and will be valid until the following day at 22:59 CET. If you are already logged in, you will need to logout and log in again after 11:00 CET to activate your free spins.
  • To win the top win of 250 free spins you need to complete 10 quests by capturing the villain of each quest.
  • The free spins won for capturing villains will be paid out on 23.5.2016 at 14:00 CET and will be valid for 5 days until Friday 27.5.2016 22:59 CET.
  • Free spins winnings are paid out as real money.
  • Each free spin is worth €0.15.
  • The promotion starts at 00:00 CET 12.5.2016 and ends at 22.59 CET on 22.5.2016.
  • Only real money bets count in the campaign.
  • Paf reserves the right to change or cancel this competition at any time.