Maldives trip and free spins!

Win cash and free spins in our daily tournaments!

To qualify play at least 50 rounds of Emoji Planet™ with a minimum bet of €0.20. Each daily tournament has a €1,000 prize pool. Also, for every day you qualify, we reward you with 5 free spins the following day.

And to top it all... a trip to the Maldives. We're sending lucky emojis all over this competition by giving away €5,000 in Mega Free Spins and a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Maldives for you and a friend.

Position Prize
1st prize Maldives trip for two
2nd-51st 10 Mega Free Spins

  • Standard return flights from Europe to Male, Maldives
  • Return seaplane transfers to the resort
  • 7 nights in a five-star villa at Hurawalhi Resort, Maldives
  • Breakfast every morning
  • Gourmet dinner and drinks at the 5.8 Undersea Restaurant
  • No cash alternative is available; the prize is non-transferable and non-refundable

€1,000 Emoji Planet™ Tournament

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Position Prize
#1 300€
#2 140€
#3 80€
#4-10 40€
#11-20 20€

Pos. Name Points
#1 - -
#2 - -
#3 - -
#4 - -
#5 - -
#6 - -
#7 - -
#8 - -
#9 - -
#10 - -

1. To qualify play at least 50 rounds of Emoji Planet™ with a minimum bet of €0.20.
2. The winners will be decided by the best average payout percentage played over 20 consecutive rounds. Result=100 * (Win Round 1/Bet Round 1 + Win Round 2/Bet Round 2 + ...)/ Number of Rounds.
3. Cash prizes will be paid out automatically after the tournament closes.

  • The tournaments take place daily between 00:00 and 22:59 CET on 4-10 September.
  • To qualify for each daily tournament you need to play at least 50 rounds of Emoji Planet™ with a minimum bet of €0.20.
  • Everybody who meets the tournament requirements receives 5 free spins the following day on Emoji Planet™ slot.
  • The winners of the daily tournaments will be decided by the best average payout percentage played over 20 consecutive rounds. Result=100 * (Win Round 1/Bet Round 1 + Win Round 2/Bet Round 2 + ...)/ Number of Rounds.
  • Tournament prizes will be paid out automatically after each tournament closes.
  • Your free spins will be paid out to your account at 11:00 CET the day after you’ve qualified for the tournament and are valid until 22:59 CET the next day. If you don’t find your free spins right away, try and log in to the game again to activate them.
  • Each free spin is worth €0.20.
  • The Mega Free Spins raffled out are worth €10.00 each and are valid for 1 week, that is until 18 September at midnight.
  • Free spin winnings and tournament prizes are paid out as real money.
  • Every day you qualify for the tournament during the campaign period, you will receive a ticket for the prize raffle.
  • You can collect maximum 7 tickets towards the raffle during the campaign period.
  • The prize raffle takes place on Monday 11 September, and winners will be notified in Messages at at the latest on Tuesday 12 September.
  • Winners of the raffle will be published on our Winners page.
  • Raffle tickets are virtual tickets which will be collected by Paf and will not be visible in your gaming account.
  • Paf reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time.

Emoji Planet
Pos. Prize Name Score
#1300 €Janne T2,347.50
#2140 €Nico L2,086.25
#380 €Ritva N1,896.25
#440 €Ritva E1,733.75
#540 €Dennis A1,718.75
#640 €Veli-Pekka S1,687.50
#740 €Timo P1,603.75
#840 €Mika A1,567.50
#940 €Taina U1,545.00
#1040 €Lassi H1,541.25
#1120 €Tuija A1,521.25
#1220 €Toni N1,407.50
#1320 €Arja J1,402.50
#1420 €Esa V1,383.75
#1520 €Kaarel K1,346.25
#1620 €Tuula H1,343.75
#1720 €Joel L1,330.00
#1820 €Mikael M1,318.75
#1920 €Aini M1,310.00
#2020 €Juha M1,286.25

Emoji Planet
Pos. Prize Name Score
#1300 €Heino V1,917.50
#2140 €Roger H1,767.50
#380 €Teemu H1,765.00
#440 €Jenna H1,753.75
#540 €Irma H1,717.50
#640 €Sami S1,666.25
#740 €Tõnis P1,585.00
#840 €Outi T1,568.75
#940 €Sami S1,513.75
#1040 €Petri V1,513.75
#1120 €Juha V1,508.75
#1220 €Selina L1,442.50
#1320 €Per-Håkan S1,420.00
#1420 €Maily M1,407.50
#1520 €Tanja J1,387.50
#1620 €Markus P1,377.50
#1720 €Sami S1,376.25
#1820 €Tapani E1,332.50
#1920 €Mikael M1,263.75
#2020 €Janne M1,245.00

Emoji planet
Pos. Prize Name Score
#1300 €Jukka T3,136.25
#2140 €Henna V2,212.50
#380 €Tiia L1,740.00
#440 €Antti T1,678.75
#540 €Harri S1,621.25
#640 €Niina H1,617.50
#740 €Ari P1,598.75
#840 €Martti K1,551.25
#940 €Ossi S1,501.25
#1040 €Jarno K1,416.25
#1120 €Tiia P1,410.00
#1220 €Pekka H1,345.00
#1320 €Timo R1,275.00
#1420 €Jussi K1,266.25
#1520 €Ilkka B1,265.00
#1620 €Jarmo H1,252.50
#1720 €Marianne Å1,223.75
#1820 €Piret M1,197.50
#1920 €Tuija A1,143.75
#2020 €Pekka P1,130.00

Emoji planet
Pos. Prize Name Score
#1300 €Pia H3,158.75
#2140 €Esko H2,877.50
#380 €Tero V1,966.25
#440 €Jarkko P1,696.25
#540 €Mika H1,688.75
#640 €Jesse N1,525.00
#740 €Virpi S1,512.50
#840 €Tatjana K1,491.25
#940 €Johnny V1,332.50
#1040 €Natalie R1,291.25
#1120 €Tero V1,273.75
#1220 €Pekka H1,238.75
#1320 €Samuli M1,213.75
#1420 €Raija A1,187.50
#1520 €Kristian P1,173.75
#1620 €Toomas R1,172.50
#1720 €Sami S1,163.75
#1820 €Kadri M1,125.00
#1920 €Arto M1,088.75
#2020 €Jimi I1,038.75

Emoji planet
Pos. Prize Name Score
#1300 €Heidi H2,407.50
#2140 €Dennis A2,403.75
#380 €Nikolai B1,771.25
#440 €Sirkka R1,527.50
#540 €Juha K1,508.75
#640 €Marja H1,501.25
#740 €Tapio M1,498.75
#840 €Päivi P1,472.50
#940 €Carita R1,425.00
#1040 €Elisabth E1,420.00
#1120 €Tarmo M1,416.25
#1220 €Mona H1,330.00
#1320 €Karmen B1,245.00
#1420 €Minna K1,217.50
#1520 €Antti S1,185.00
#1620 €Sami Å1,181.25
#1720 €Veli-Matti V1,180.00
#1820 €Esa H1,172.50
#1920 €Joel L1,133.75
#2020 €Vesa V1,107.50

Emoji planet
Pos. Prize Name Score
#1300 €Elina S3,283.75
#2140 €Irina F1,302.50
#380 €Aini M1,262.50
#440 €Jonas N1,243.75
#540 €Helge G1,233.75
#640 €Nonna P1,200.00
#740 €Ville T1,166.25
#840 €Hans-Petteri P1,111.25
#940 €Arsi H1,077.50
#1040 €Kimmo S1,040.00
#1120 €Mika R995.00
#1220 €Linda H995.00
#1320 €Tero N985.00
#1420 €Juha V983.75
#1520 €Helar O963.75
#1620 €Lasse H930.00
#1720 €Tommy H918.75
#1820 €Eija V901.25
#1920 €Heidi P900.00
#2020 €Sampo E900.00

Emoji planet
Pos. Prize Name Score
#1300 €Miikka K2,008.75
#2140 €Mikko K2,000.00
#380 €Kari P1,845.00
#440 €Jari L1,758.75
#540 €Kimmo S1,620.00
#640 €Heidi P1,490.00
#740 €Antti S1,436.25
#840 €Marko Y1,428.75
#940 €Janne H1,360.00
#1040 €Tiina K1,292.50
#1120 €Raimo A1,227.50
#1220 €Helge G1,222.50
#1320 €Salli N1,155.00
#1420 €Esa-Matti S1,148.75
#1520 €Tiia P1,133.75
#1620 €Anna S1,121.25
#1720 €Marius K1,108.75
#1820 €Eduard K1,087.50
#1920 €Marika M1,085.00
#2020 €Joel L1,028.75

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