Every week

Race for €12,500!

We are running Twister Races every week with a big prize pool to share and exciting poker games to be won

How it works

Opt-in and accumulate points playing Twister poker games each week to claim your share of the prize pool. The weekly qualification periods are Mondays 00:00 – Sundays 23:59 GMT.

The race winners will be determined by the following Twister point calculation:

Twister Buy-inPlayed Bonus points for winning

Place Prize VALUE
120 x €50 Twister Ticket€1,000
215 x €50 Twister Ticket€750
310 x €50 Twister Ticket€500
48 x €50 Twister Ticket€400
56 x €50 Twister Ticket€300
65 x €50 Twister Ticket€250
7-103 x €50 Twister Ticket€150
11-254 x €20 Twister Ticket€80
26-503 x €20 Twister Ticket€60
51-1005 x €10 Twister Ticket€50
101-1503 x €10 Twister Ticket€30
151-2503 x €5 Twister Tickets€15

Current Week

Previous Week

  • The races qualifying periods are weekly Mondays 00:00 – Sundays 23:59 GMT. This is a ongoing offer until otherwise announced.
  • Players have to opt-in to the offer to take part in the races and to be able to receive their prizes.
  • You must play for real money and minimum buy-in is €1.
  • Race places are determend by the amount of points achieved according to the Twister point calculation table in this offer.
  • If some players finish the Race with the same amount of points, the players will be ranked according to the number of Twister games played.
  • Winners will receive their payment the following Monday by 13:00.
  • Paf's general rules & conditions apply.
  • Paf reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time.