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About bonuses

How do I activate my Welcome Bonus?

The bonus functionality is activated automatically when you create a poker alias. You then receive your bonus in €20 increments up to €1,000 as you collect the number of loyalty points required.

How does the bonus work?

You receive loyalty points when you play cash games and tournaments in Paf Poker. Collecting loyalty points unlocks your bonus. A bonus is worth €20, and you can collect points and continue to receive bonuses until you have received €1,000 in total. You can, of course, also use loyalty points to buy in to our tournaments.

Where can I see how many loyalty points I have?

You can see the current status of your bonuses on the bonus page in the Paf Poker client. The bonus page can be found by clicking on "Balances" in the right-hand corner of the client and then on “My bonus”. You can also see how many points you need to unlock the next bonus by clicking on “View”.

Can I have more than one active bonus?

You can only have one active bonus at a time at Paf Poker. If you have more than one bonus, they will be added to a queue and be activated one at a time. The next bonus in the queue will be activated when you have used your most recent bonus or when its expiry date has passed. You can find your active bonuses on the bonus page in the Paf Poker client under “Balances” and “My bonus”.

What happens if the bonus expires before I’ve unlocked it?

The bonus has to be collected within a certain time period, otherwise it will expire and the loyalty points collected towards it will disappear. On the bonus page in the client you can see how much time you have left. The bonus page can be found by clicking "Balances" in the top right corner of the client and then choosing “My bonus”.

How many loyalty points do I earn when I play?

You receive 7.76 loyalty points for every US dollar paid in rake (yup, it’s calculated in dollars rather than euros, beans, matchsticks or seashells… we’re as confused as you, but that’s how it works). Read more about rake here.

Loyalty points are paid out to players who have contributed to the pot. Players who fold before the flop without having put up a blind receive 0 points. A player who puts up the small blind, but then folds before the flop has contributed to the pot. Each contributing player’s share of the points is based on their own bet. If the pot is €20 and a player has bet €10, they receive a 50% share of the total points for the pot.