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Poker & Fun

You can easily win a full travel package to Paf Poker Challenge or a seat-only ticket with us in Paf Poker. Use your €200 ticket, or start climbing the tournament steps in our daily freerolls.

Paf Poker Challenge is our own tournament, it is the biggest annual poker event on the Åland Islands and has had players from all around Europe coming back for this unique experience.

This year we want to make it even more special, so we’ve invited Club Paf!
As you know Club Paf works with you, our players. They take you to events and on trips all around the world and now they have been set on the mission to show off our beautiful island to you. So this time, not only do you get to play our great tournament but you get an extraordinary tour of the island as well.

It's always such a friendly and familiar atmosphere on the Paf trips. – Torsti Kettula, Lahti




Name Country
Eero Lehtinen Finland
Karl Rosengård Sweden
Kai Kanervala Finland
Toni Jarpa Finland
Keimo Suominen, SPY Finland
Jouni Huovila, SPY Finland
Erno Suominen, SPY Finland
Pekka Virtanen, SPY Finland
Jarmo Tuomi, SPY Finland
Henri Väisänen, SPY Finland
Mikko Härri, SPY Finland
Torsti Kettula, SPY Finland
Pertti Salakari, SPY Finland
Samu Partanen Finland
Seppo Lehtonen SPY Finland
Bruno Långström Finland
Tuomas Nurmi  Finland 
Andrei Mjagkov  Estonia
Niklas Wernersson Sweden
Fredrik Jåfs Finland
Tom Ahlberg Finland
Mikko Koponen Finland
JP Honkala Finland
Jari Hurri Finland
Hans Borglund Sweden
Johan Mattsson Åland
David Holmberg Åland
Tony Brändström Åland
Aki Pyysing Finland
Ville Harju Finland
Tobias Karlsson Sweden
Antti Nevalainen Finland
Leo Pietilä Finland
Mikael Jonasson Sverige
Joni Salo Finland
Teemu Varajärvi Finland
Teemu Leppälahti Finland
Tomi Autio Finland
Esa Kostet Finland
Tuomas Kälvinmäki Finland
Conny Eriksson Åland
Severi Lampi Finland
Joni Liimatta Finland
Anne Meri Finland
Jonas Piittisjärvi Åland
Mati Pim Estonia
Kenneth Lundberg Åland
Marcus Gruner Åland
Kim Öfverström Åland
Jonas Back Åland
Gustaf Borenius Åland
Emil Matsson Åland







  • Buy-in in the main event €900 + €100
  • Hotel for you and a guest, including breakfast
  • €100 in travel money
  • Paf gift
  • Dinner with drinks on Friday and Saturday
  • Paf activities

When you win a package or a seat, we will contact you within a couple of days.

Thursday 7.9

Time Event# Event Buy-in Starting stack Levels Late reg / Notes
14:30 1 NLT Turbo Rebuy Satellite to Main Event 20+5 € Rebuy 2k, addon 10k/20k 15 min 30 min late reg. R/A ends at 16:00
16:00 2 Paf Poker Challenge Main Event 900+100€ 30 000 60 min Full day 1
21.00 3 NLT Turbo 1x Rebuy Satellite to Event #4 30€ Starting stack 5k, rebuy 5k 15 min 15 min
03:30 - Tournament area closes -

Friday 8.9

Time Event# Event Buy-in Starting stack Levels Late reg
12:00 2 Paf Poker Challenge Main Event Day 2 900+100 € - - -
13:30 4 NLT 2nd Chance 270+30 € 15 000 + 15 000 ( 2nd chance chip included in the buy-in ) 30 min 120 min
20.00 5 NLT Turbo 90+10€ 5 000 15 min 30 min
03:30 - Tournament area closes -

Saturday 9.9

Time Event# Event Buy-in Starting stack Levels Late reg
12:00 2 Paf Poker Challenge Main Event Day 3 900+100 € - - -
13:00 6 PLO 2nd Chance 270+30€ 15 000 + 15 000 ( 2nd chance chip included in the buy-in ) 30 min 120 min
20.00 7 Hyper Turbo Version of Main Event 90+10 € 30 000 10 min 60 min
03:30 - Tournament area closes -
I love meeting all the players behind the screens in real life. I’ve travelled with Paf both to Las Vegas and beautiful Åland. – Sandra Benjaminsson, Trollhättan

  • As a player you are solely responsible for making sure that winnings are taxed according to your local jurisdiction and law.
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  • All package winners will receive a confirmation email. Please ensure your Paf account contact details are up to date and correct.
  • Players may not, while playing the event included in the package, represent another site or sign sponsorship agreements with any other gaming operator.
  • The package is personal and may not be transferred unless specific approval is given by the Paf Poker team.
  • Packages are not refundable for cash.
  • Players approve that Paf can use their personal details for registration, administration and marketing purposes.

General terms and conditions apply, read more.

  1. The official language of the tournament is English; all actions must be in English.
  2. The player is solely responsible for showing up in time for the event. If not being present when the tournament starts the players will be dealt in and all chips necessary for blinds will be put in the pot. If the player has not made it to his/her seat before blind level 5 they will be considered disqualified and all the remaining chips will be taken out of the tournament.
  3. Cards are given to all players even those who are not sitting at the table. However the hands, which are without a present player, will be folded immediately after the first card is dealt.
  4. Players must have their cards visible on the table at all times.
  5. Players must keep their higher denomination chips visible and identifiable for all players around the table at all times.
  6. Players may not hold or transport tournament chips in any manner that takes them out of sight. A player who does so will forfeit the chips and will face disqualification. The forfeited chips will be taken out of play.
  7. To talk in a hand is allowed only when two players are left in the pot and you being one of them
  8. No talking on the phone while at the table, it will result in a dead hand; it is also not allowed to use the phone whilst playing in a hand (texting etc). This may lead to penalties stated in rule 34.
  9. A player has the right to say “Time” at any point as a way to force the player next to act, to take a decision. The tournament director will determine if the “Time” was justified. A player who has been called “Time” has 60 seconds to act.
  10. Blind levels increase when next level has been called. If a hand is being played when next level is called the hand will be played to end before moving to the called level.
  11. If two players are eliminated simultaneously from the same table the player who had more chips will get the higher placement. If this occurs but the players are seated at two different tables they will split position.
  12. When it is time to color-up chips, Color-up is when exchanging the smaller denomination to higher to increase the amount of chips in play as the average stack value increases, they will be raced off with a maximum of one chip going to any player. The chip race will always start in the No.1 seat. A player cannot be raced out of a tournament: a player who loses his or her remaining chip(s) in a chip race will be given one chip of the smallest denomination still in play. Players are encouraged to witness the chip race.
  13. A player is not allowed to show cards to a selected number of people. “Show one show all” is used in order to have all players to have the same information.
  14. At the end of the last betting round the player who made the last aggressive action, Bet or raise, must show first. If there was no bet, the player left to the dealer button shows first.
  15. The player who wants to claim the pot in a showdown situation must show the whole hand, even if the other player “mucks” (do not show) the cards.
  16. If there are odd chips in the pot at a “split pot” (a shared pot between the players still in the hand) the odd ship will go the player left of the dealer button.
  17. Cards speak; a hand that has been shown at a showdown and was obviously the winning hand cannot be folded.
  18. The tournament director has right to control the player’s card at any time.
  19. It is each player’s obligation to pay attention. You’re not allowed to act out of turn (acting without being your turn) or delay the game. It may lead to disciplinary penalties, see rule 34.
  20. A player my not fold if not facing a bet. The exception is the player who acts last in the betting round
  21. String betting, making one bet in several moves, is not allowed, every bet or raise needs to be done in one single movement.
  22. "One chip rule” Anytime when facing a bet (or blind), placing a single oversized chip in the pot is a call if a raise is not first verbally declared. To raise with a single oversized chip, a declaration must be made before the chip hits the table surface. If a raise is declared (but not an amount), the raise is the maximum allowable for that chip. When not facing a bet, placing an oversized chip in the pot without declaration is a bet of the maximum allowable for the chip.
  23. A raise must be at least the size of previous bet or raise. If a player puts in a raise of 50% or more of the previous bet but less than the minimum raise, he or she must make a full raise. The raise will be exactly the minimum raise allowed.
  24. Verbal action is binding
  25. Players are obligated to protect the other players in the tournament at all times. The one-player-to-a-hand rule will be enforced. Therefore, players, whether in the hand or not, may not: disclose contents of live or folded hands, advice or criticize play at any time, read a hand that hasn’t been tabled.
  26. Each player is required to protect his/her cards
  27. Coffee housing is not allowed, you can’t tell what you have or what you have folded when the commented hand is still in play.
  28. No rabbit hunting is allowed. Rabbit hunting is revealing any of the cards “that would have come” if the hand had not ended.
  29. The usual result of a violation of an active player in a hand is to declare the hand dead. “Dead hand” can be combined with disciplinary punishment.
  30. Poker is an individual game. So play, that is failing to bet or raise in a situation that would normally merit it, to avoid costing one’s partner or friend money; will result in penalties, which may include forfeiture of chips and/or disqualification.
  31. Chip dumping and/or all other forms of collusion/teamwork will result in disqualification.
  32. Repeated etiquette violations, as stated but not limited to the above will result in penalties, see rule 34.
  33. Disciplinary penalties are (but not limited to): warning, sit out for 1,2,3 etc. hands or one of Tournament Directors decisions. The player must leave the table during the given period and will lose their blinds. If behavior is repeated the player will be disqualified.
  34. Disciplinary penalties are (but not limited to): warning, sit out for 1,2,3 etc. hands or one of Tournament Directors decisions. The player must leave the table during the given period and will lose their blinds. If behavior is repeated the player will be disqualified.
  35. All winnings will be deposited on players Paf account, due to secure player identity and cash handling, if player has no account one will be provided by floor person.
  36. A player is never allowed to touch another players chip if not asked by the dealer.
  37. An action out of turn will always be penalized with at least 1 hand sitting out. Tournament rules

Paf’s intention is to provide players with an enjoyable environment to play in, but is not responsible for the individual player’s behavior. Therefore, certain rules of conduct has been established, all of which are required to adhere to. The Tournament Director may deny a player to continue playing if he/she continuously is breaking the rules. Paf Poker Challenge 2016 will be filmed, broadcasted and photographed by Paf and other media partners. We will also be writing a daily blog of all the action for Paf and Paf Facebook. So please be prepared to be filmed and have your photo taken. We will make sure it will not disturb the play.

By participating in the event the player agrees to reasonable publicity, including betting markets around the event and television media interviews and press releases. Event reports will feature the name of the winner. Paf is the sole owner of the rights to images and result information from the tournament. The player agrees to Paf using his or her personal details, including photos, for registration, administration and marketing purposes. Tournament Director and floor personnel are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision-making process. Unusual circumstances can on occasion dictate that decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over the technical rules. The Tournament Directors decisions are final.

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