• Download Paf Poker
    It’s free, simple and safe.

  • Look for the games included in the mission
    Complete them in any order during March.

  • Complete them all and get rewarded
    The €100 loyalty reward bonus program is yours.

Get a €100 Loyalty Reward

Yes! We have survived the winter months and spring is ready to take over – let’s celebrate that by playing some poker! To make things more exciting we are giving you six missions to take on during March. When you complete the last one, you will get a €100 loyalty reward bonus program in your poker account. You can track your missions in the Paf Poker client under Settings - My achievements.

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Your missions:


Amazing Aces

Get AA in a real money Texas Hold'em game



Get 88 in a real money Texas Hold’em game


Tournament Theatre

Play a scheduled real money Tournament



Play a hand of real money Omaha High (PLO Cashgame)


Fishy Party

Win a Fish Party Sit & Go Tournament


Surprise Winner:

Win a showdown in a real money Texas Hold’em game with a hand that is worse than one pair.

  • Complete the stated missions during February to unlock the €100 loyalty reward bonus program.
  • To find the bonus program go to the poker client and click on Balances in the upper right corner and select “view” under My Bonus from the drop down menu.
  • You will need to collect reward points towards your bonus program to unlock the €100. Points are collected by playing real money poker games.
  • You can only have one Paf Poker loyalty reward active. If you get more than one reward they will be stacked (put in a hold queue). The next reward activates automatically once you have either cleared the first reward or its time limit expires.
  • The loyalty reward must be claimed within 30 days, otherwise it expires and the collected reward points associated with it are lost.
  • Please see further information about loyalty rewards here.
  • Paf reserves the right to change or end the campaign at any time.
  • Paf’s general terms and conditions apply.