Don't miss out on a surprise pay day!

Nobody likes losing with a great poker hand, but with us you can turn the tables. At our Bad Beat Jackpot tables in Heart Poker you can win your share of a jackpot by sitting at the same table when it happens...

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How to activate your Bad Beat Jackpot

  • → Preferences

  • → Global Table Options

  • → Bad Beat Opt-In

How it works

To join the Bad Beat Jackpot only costs €0.02 per hand. Those two cents go into the jackpot.

Jackpot payout

  • The losing hand must be four-of-a-kind or better.

  • Both the winning and losing hands must use both hole cards in combination with three community cards.

  • The hand must go to a showdown.

  • There is no minimum number of players required for the jackpot to trigger.


  • The cost of the jackpot contribution is €0.02 (two cents).

  • The jackpot contribution is taken from your balance at the start of the hand, immediately after the blinds and antes are posted.

  • Jackpot contributions continue to accumulate until the jackpot is won.

Allocation of prizes

  • 40%: is awarded to the losing hand (the bad beat winner)

  • 20%: is awarded to the winning hand

  • 10%: is awarded to the other players at the table where the jackpot was triggered

  • 10%: is awarded to players playing at the same stakes

  • The remaining 20% is used to ‘seed’ the next Bad Beat Jackpot.


  • You must be opted-in and playing at an eligible table (Texas Hold’em 10c/20c and above cash games) to receive any jackpot prize.

  • If you are sitting out when the jackpot is triggered you are not eligible for a prize.

  • If you have not contributed to the jackpot (for example, if your balance at the table is not sufficient to take the €0.02 contribution) then you are not eligible for a prize.

  • If the player with the losing hand (the bad beat winner) or the player with the winning hand is not opted in to the jackpot, then the jackpot will still be paid out but their share(s) will be added to the seed for the next jackpot. Other prizes will still be paid to opted-in players.

  • All prizes will be rounded down to the nearest cent, with any amount left over due to rounding going towards the seed for the next jackpot.

  • If more than two hands qualify for the bad beat, then the two highest hands count as the ‘losing’ and ‘winning’ hands. In the event that two qualifying jackpot hands occur at the same time, the hand which is completed first is awarded the Bad Beat Jackpot.

  • Players are expected to act in their own best interests and may not collaborate in any way to win the jackpot. Players cannot tell their opponents what to do, or reveal their hand to other players. Any contravention of this will result in the hand being disqualified for the jackpot.