Exciting new lottery and scratchcard games

These are popular traditional games – the first recorded lotteries took place in China 2500 years ago. Who hasn’t bought a lottery ticket or a scratchcard at the local shop? It’s a classic method of raising money for good causes and that’s why it connects so strongly with our 50 year charitable heritage at Paf. We have many exciting scratchcard and lottery games. Some are exclusive to Paf. Check them out today!

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Famously good scratchcards and lots more!

We have a range of new games exclusive to Paf. Three of our favourite Paf ‘celebrities’ are now featured on their own scratchcards – the legendary games Cash & Carry and Double Joker Poker, and also heavyweight boxer Robert Helenius. Scratch and win on our new King scratchcard – it comes with a regal online jackpot of €40,000.

For lottery fans we have Boss The Lotto, Nerves of Steal, Diamond Deal and Epic Gems – games with an exciting blend of safety and risk in them. If you are happy with your number or symbol picks you can bank your win. Or will you chance picking just one more for a higher reward? Another game filled with intrigue is 7-11-21 – find the coins that add up to one of the three magic numbers to win.

Fancy something more traditional? In 7 Up and Jingle Up you pick lines on your lottery ticket and win when the symbols match. It’s a bit like a slot machine.

However you like to play – we’ve got your number!