€2,500 raffle and daily €5 rewards!

Roulette-o-mania is finally back again! This promotion runs 28.1–1.2. Get ready for easy-to-reach daily rewards, as well as a chance to win a classy €500 – also every day.

  • Daily cash

    We reward you with €5 every day you play the green roulette games for at least €25 at our Live Casino.

  • Daily raffle ticket

    You'll also get a raffle ticket every day you play the green roulette games for at least €25 at our Live Casino. We raffle out €500 every day!

Play a green roulette game

  • This competition runs between 28.1–1.2.2019.
  • The daily qualifying period (a.k.a. campaign day) is a 24-hour day in the EET time zone, meaning between 23:00 CET and 22:59 CET.
  • You only need to play for €25 in total during a campaign day to get a €5 reward AND a raffle ticket for that day's €500 raffle.
  • Daily €5 reward

  • To win the daily €5 reward you must play for at least €25 during one campaign day (24 h). All green (Netent) Live Casino roulette tables are included in this competition.
  • A qualifying game round for the purposes of this campaign is a real money bet round where a player's bets cover less than 70% of the possible outcomes. Game rounds in which a player's bets cover 70% or more of the outcomes on the wheel will not count as a qualifying game round.
  • You can get the €5 reward once per day.
  • When you have fulfilled the requirements for the €5 reward you will be notified with a small notification in the game.
  • The €5 reward is paid onto your Paf account as real money instantly after you have fulfilled the requirements. It has no turnover requirements and therefore is yours to use however you see fit.
  • Daily raffle ticket

  • Every campaign day (24 h) during which you play for at least €25 in our Live Casino's green roulette games, you collect a ticket for that day's raffle of €500. You may play either one or several games in order to reach the minimum daily wager of €25 needed to fulfill the requirement.
  • You can collect one raffle ticket per day. The ticket is virtual and you can see your daily ticket in the 'Promotions' section in the game.
  • Raffle winners will be notified via Messages on Paf.com the day after the victorious daily draw. Their names will also be published on winners page.
  • If you win, the €500 raffle money will be paid onto your Paf account as real money and therefore is free for you to use as you see fit.
  • Note that all of our green roulette games are included in this campaign, including our green auto-roulette.
  • Paf reserves the right to change or cancel this campaign at any time