Is number {{campaign.dataobject.luckynumber}} your lucky number?

We are running Lucky Number in Live Casino this week. Win up to €500!

How it works

Find your favorite live roulette table and place a minimum bet of €1. When the roulette ball lands on the number {{campaign.dataobject.luckynumber}} you will earn points towards a shared prize pool of €1500. Collect points throughout the week. How many points you get per round depends on your total bet per game round.


  • A stake of at least €1 = 1 point
  • A stake of at least €5 = 5 points
  • A stake of at least €20 = 20 points

€1500 Prize Pool

Position Prizes
1st 500
2nd 350
3rd 250
4th 100
5th-10th 50

Terms & Conditions

  • The campaign will run for one week {{campaign.startTime | localeDate}} - {{campaign.endTime | localeDate}}.
  • Find your favorite live roulette table and place a bet. You can play at all Red roulette tables except Double Ball Roulette.
  • The minimum qualifying bet is €1.
  • The lucky number is number {{campaign.dataobject.luckynumber}}, but you don’t have to bet on number {{campaign.dataobject.luckynumber}}. If you take part in a qualifying game round when the ball lands on {{campaign.dataobject.luckynumber}} you will get points.
  • A qualifying game round for the purposes of this campaign is a real money bet round where a player's bets cover less than 70% of the possible outcomes. Game rounds in which a player's bets cover 70% or more of the outcomes on the wheel will not count as a qualifying game round.
  • The points will be decided depending on your total bet. A stake of at least €1 = 1 point, a stake of at least €5 = 5 points and a stake of at least €20 = 20 points.
  • The players with the highest points share the prize pool of €1,500 according to our prize structure above.
  • If multiple players end up with the same points, their order will be decided based on the time they reached the points total. The earliest time is ranked highest then so on.
  • The winners will be published on our winner page at Paf.com.
  • The winnings will be paid out by 18.00 on Monday {{campaign.endTime+86400000 | date:'d MMM'}}.
  • Paf reserves the right to change or cancel the offer at any time.