Paf Live Marine Cup 2021

On Sundays you can win a poker tournament ticket to our cruise from Tallinn to Stockholm and back. This is how it works:

  • Download Paf Poker

    It is free, it is easy, it is safe
  • Find PLMC satellites

    They are listed in the tournament schedule
  • Play to win a poker tournament ticket for the cruise to Stockholm

    Use your €22 tickets at our Sunday satellites

The Paf Live Marine Cup is ready to set sail again after a year that we had to skip! The tournament takes place on board Tallink M/S Baltic Queen from 1st until 3rd of October 2021.

Just like previous years, there will be two tournaments and a lot of fun. During the cruise you will have a few hours to stroll in Stockholm.

Win your poker tournament ticket in our online satellites

On Sundays at 20:00 we will have a €22 R/A final satellite with one €150 Paf Live Marine Cup main event ticket guaranteed. There will be daily €2.20 satellites for the €22 tickets running too in Paf Poker. Satellites are open for Estonian and Finnish players only. Look for the tournaments with PLMC in the name.

Direct buy-in

You can also purchase a direct buy-in to the tournament in our poker client. 

Once you win or buy your poker tournament ticket, you will need to book your cruise.

COVID-19 information

Please be aware that there may be COVID-19 restrictions and procedures during the cruise. Check the latest information here.

  • Time: 1-3 October 2021

  • Where: Tallink Silja M/S Baltic Queen

  • Departure from Tallinn: 1.10.2021 at 18:00 (Terminal D, Lootsi 13, Tallinn)

  • Main event buy-in: €150 (second chance during 6 levels)

  • Main event Day 1 starts: 1.10 at 19:00

  • Main event Day 2 starts: 2.10 at approx 19:30

  • Cap: max 100

  • Structure: starting stack 30 000, levels 30 minutes.

    Side event 

  • Side event starts: 2.10 at 19:00 

  • Side event buy-in: €75 (second chance during 6 levels)

  • Structure: starting stack 20,000, levels 20 minutes.


    Rebuys and side event buy-ins can only be made in cash and there is no ATM on board! 

    The ship arrives back to Tallinn on the 3rd of October at 10:00.

    The last day to register for the event is 20th of September 2021.

  • The packages are not refundable or exchangeable for cash or any other prizes.
  • Paf's general terms and conditions apply.
  • Paf reserves the right to change or end this campaign at any time.
  • Winners will be contacted personally by email with more detailed information about the trip and tournament. Please ensure that your email address is correct in your Paf account.

Tomi A.
Herli O.
Laur S.
Priit A.
Aimar L.
Anne B.
Janne L.
Margo O.
Monika L.
Andres R.
Kristo E.
Robert L.
Marek L.
Ruben R.
Kalev M.
Siim S.
Martin H.
Mariliis E.
Kaido K.
Alar H.
Alari R.
Aivar F.
Roland L.
Aavo M.
Raiki R.
Andrus A.
Harald H.
Reio H.
Indrek A.
Gina A.
Marek K.
Andrus T.
Annika A.
Tommi M.
Martin P.
Jaan V.
Mikko I.
Märt V.
Kaidar V.
Raiko L.
Margus K.
Sven T.
Rait R.
Janek K.
Kristo N.
Allar V
Carmen-Elina V.
Meelis V.
Indrek V.
Vahur A.
Reigo M.
Mairo P.
Marko K.
Andri T.
Rasmus K.
Indrek P.
Kert R.
Mario M.
Kuno V.
Triinu A.
Annika H.
Gertrud P.
Toivo O.
Andu T.
Valmar R.
Rain M.
Allan A.
Kaido K.
Diana T.
Allan P.
Ertti H.
Sami Petteri K.
Jaan Š.
Mati P.
Madis P.
Oliver S.
Egert S.
Tomi B.
Kalvi G.
Veiko A.
Maili T.
Marius M.
Leanika J.
Magnus P.
Urmas K.
Oliver O.
Marek G.
Lauri M.
Kristof R.
Ardo T.
Mario J.
Leino P.
Christel P.
Timo T.
Tanel K.
Robin T.
Jaanus V.
Anne K.
Tarmo T.
Kristo K.

Marita M.
Alari K.
Martin M.
Kaupo J.
Ave L.

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