Gimme some sugar!

Feeling peckish? Grab something sweet and enjoy!

How to win

  • Log in to play our new game any time during 1-31 March and earn achievements on mobile and desktop

  • Earn achievements by getting matching symbols 3, 4 and 5 times in a row. Your achievements will be highlighted in the paytable

  • Get up to 75 free spins on mobile and 125 on desktop

Achievement paytable

Collect 3, 4 and 5 adjacent symbols on a winning line to earn achievements. You can earn the achievements in any order and at any time during 1-31 March.

Mobile only

Get them all and win10 Free spins

Get them all and win25 Free spins

Get them all and win40 Free spins

Desktop only

Get them all and win15 Free spins

Get them all and win30 Free spins

Get them all and win80 Free spins

How to view your achievements

Remember! Wilds don't count as achievements

It’s the sweetest battle ever! Fruit vs Candy let’s you play the same fun game in two different environments. Are you Team Fruit or Team Candy?

Like any good slot, Fruit vs Candy is full of tasty free spins. During Fruit free spins any non-fruit symbols are removed when they land, all the while adding cash to your stash. On Candy mode, free spins make single Wild symbols turn into sweet Stacked Wilds!

All this sugar is sure to make anyone a bit excited, but it's not time to settle down yet! Meet the Sugar Rush bonus! During Sugar Rush all high symbols award cash prizes. Sugar Rush can occur in both game modes on any non-winning spin, and all it takes is a single Scatter symbol to trigger it.

Now we’re just piling up the goodies because why not? On top of all this sweet, sugary fun, we throw a final goodie bag. It’s called just that – Goodie Bag – and it’s full of cash. It can appear randomly on any non-winning spin, and its only function is to make you smile. By giving you cash. How sweet is that?


  • The campaign runs from 12:00 CET on 1.3.2017 until 22:59 CET on 31.03.2017.
  • Please note you can only win the free spins for mobile by playing the game on a mobile device and the free spins for desktop only by playing the game on desktop.
  • The achievements won on desktop do not count towards your achievements for mobile and vice versa.
  • Winnings in the free spins bonus game will not count towards achievements.
  • Free spins will be credited automatically within 10 minutes after the achievement is unlocked.
  • In order to win free spins through an achievement you need to collect 3, 4 and 5 adjacent symbols on a winning line.
  • You can only get one reward for each earned achievement.
  • In achievements, you can earn a total of 75 free spins in the mobile game, and 125 free spins in the desktop game.
  • Each free spin is worth €0.30.
  • Wins from free spins are in the form of bonus money, which only needs to be turned over once.
  • In order to claim the free spins you need to re-launch the game.
  • Wilds don't count as achievements
  • Paf reserves the right to change or end this campaign at any time.