Every Thursday

Every Thursday

Your bingo adventure starts here - with 10,000 euros in the pot!

Play Bingo with Friends every Thursday and win a Club Paf trip to the bingo adventure of the year on Åland 30 June - 2 July. In Åland, you’ll have a chance to play for a pot of 10,000 euros.

  • You only need to join the competition once

  • Play Bingo with Friends for at least €5 every Thursday

  • Each Friday we will raffle out four bingo packages to Åland

  • Boat transportation to/from Åland
  • Accommodation with a double room and breakfast at Hotel Arkipelag in Mariehamn
  • Transportation on Åland
  • Sightseeing on Åland with a visit to Kastelholm Castle, Bomarsund fortress ruins, and lunch at celebrity chef Mikael Björk’s Smakbyn restaurant
  • Afternoon coffee and traditional Åland pancakes at Nautical restaurant and a visit to the Åland Maritime Museum
  • Club Paf Pool Bingo with summer buffet
  • Club Paf Breakfast Bingo
  • Club Paf Dinner Bingo
  • Total prize pot of 10,000 euros and lots of extra chances to win
  • Welcome gift from Paf


Seppo P FIN, Petra C SWE, Kai P FIN, Tuula K FIN


Marketta A FIN, Marlene G SWE, Hannes H FIN, Ene-Mari S EST


Joosep T EST, Raimo S FIN, Niklas F SWE, Liilia K EST


Eva E SWE, Mai N SWE, Pirkko M FIN, Henrietta P FIN


Mai K EST, Sanna S FIN, Heiki-Andres A EST, Kari L FIN


Tarmo P EST, Mika S FIN, Marja S SWE, Maarit M FIN


Pirjo L FIN, Ann G SWE, Haimar L EST, Mika I FIN


Liselotte G SWE, Katja T FIN, Anne-Mai P EST, Jorma A FIN


Christian T SWE, Eija N FIN, Kadi T EST, Markus V FIN


Antti-Jussi H FIN, Ene-Maris U EST, Jörgen E SWE, Tuija R FIN


Ilmari T FIN, Egon J EST, Lotten J SWE, Anneli L FIN


Onni L FIN, Folke G SWE, Kunnar M EST, Markus K FIN



Sami R FIN, Gennady P EST, Kauko S FIN, Jari O FIN


Petteri S FIN, Imre L EST, MajLis G SWE, Gustav E SWE


Tiia V FIN, Gea R EST, Heli U FIN, Annika E SWE


Esa V FIN, Jeanette A SWE, Helve J EST, Anu R FIN

Our trips are popular and loved

Club Paf gives you lots of extra chances to win trips, experiences and cool stuff. And it gives us the chance to meet you and add an unexpected dimension to gaming. It’s one of the things that makes Paf different. Just ask any of our regulars. Club Paf is one of the biggest reasons people play with Paf for so long.

  • You need to join the competition once.
  • To qualify for each raffle you must play Bingo with Friends for real money. You need to play for at least €5 on Thursdays if you want to be in the raffle.
  • Winners will be drawn every Friday.
  • Winners will be notified personally and their names posted on our Winners Page.