Bingo weekend on Åland – €10,000 prize pot!

Join Club Paf on Åland for a ballistic adventure this summer. We are raffling out 54 generous weekend packages for two. Let's have a ball, let's bingo!

  • Click the "Log in to join" button, go to this page and click "Join". You only have to click "Join" once even though you want to be in multiple raffles

  • Click the "Create account" button, go to this page and click "Join". You only have to click "Join" once even though you want to be in multiple raffles

  • Click the "Join" button – you only have to do it once even though you want to be in multiple raffles

  • Play Bingo with Friends for €10 on a Tuesday or Bingo Tournaments for €10 on a Wednesday or BOTH to maximize your chances of winning!

  • We raffle out 3 packages every Wednesday and Thursday to Paf Let's Bingo on Åland 24–26 August


Play Bingo with Friends for €10


Play Bingo Tournaments for €10

How to win

Maximize your chances of winning by playing both on Tuesday and Wednesday – you're then in both raffles that week! You can participate as many times as you like during the campaign period. We're raffling out 3 packages every Wednesday and Thursday until 5 April.

  • Boat transportation to/from Åland incl. buffet breakfast and dinner onboard the boat
  • Transportation on Åland
  • Accommodation with a double room incl. breakfast at Hotel Arkipelag in Mariehamn
  • Welcome gift from Paf
  • Club Paf Welcome Bingo with great prizes + dinner incl. drinks
  • Free entry to Arken Night Club
  • Club Paf Breakfast Bingo with great prizes
  • Sightseeing on Åland including lunch
  • Party Bingo with prizes and including dinner
  • After party at the Paf Casino
  • Total prize pot of 10,000 euros and lots of extra chances to win


4.4 Paula M FIN Lotten J SWE Aigrid K EST
3.4 Britt-Maj B FIN Ola B SWE Uku V EST
28.3 Marja P FIN Lena E SWE Tiiu T EST
27.3 Satu K FIN Monica H SWE Mare S EST
21.3 Mari K FIN Jonas I SWE Ivan D EST
20.3 Maarit K FIN Malte W SWE Signe M EST
14.3 Marcus N FIN Lars B SWE Meeme J EST
13.3 Terttu K FIN Sverker N SWE Helve J EST
7.3 Ulla G FIN A.D. SWE Merike K EST
6.3 J. L. FIN Anders S SWE Mai K EST
28.2 Raimo S FIN Håkan W SWE Tarmo P EST
27.2 Mika M FIN William Å SWE Airet K EST
21.2 Jani H FIN Hjördis P SWE Gennady P EST
20.2 Seija K FIN Riitta L SWE Arne K EST
14.2 Jani T FIN Marlene G SWE Kunnar M EST
13.2 M A FIN Torbjörn V SWE Argo H EST
7.2 Jani N FIN Jukka H SWE Polina L EST
6.2 Kai P FIN G-B S SWE Sven K EST


Our trips are popular

Club Paf gives you lots of chances to experience great trips, fun game weekends and other cool stuff. It also gives us at Paf the chance to meet you and have a great time together! That's one of those things that makes Paf different – our Club Paf is one of the biggest reasons why people play with Paf for so long and have so much fun doing it.

  • To be in the raffle you need to play for €10 in Bingo with Friends between 00:00 and 22:59 CET on a Tuesday or play for €10 in Bingo Tournaments on a Wednesday.
  • You need to play with real money.
  • Winners are drawn each Wednesday and Thursday.
  • We contact winners personally on Friday of the same week and publish their name on this page and on our Winners page.
  • The prize is personal and can not be exchanged for money etc.
  • Each win includes a package for two people.
  • If you decline your win we will draw a new winner.