Christmas came early at Paf!

PS4, iPhone 8, iPad Pro, Smart TV and 12,000 free spins are all early Christmas gifts in our November competition with daily raffles.

Just play the game of the day and you're in the raffle for fantastic prizes!

Roope K FIN

Rosanna L SWE

Heidi I FIN

Josefine G FIN

Pasi K FIN

Peter K FIN, Jonna S FIN, Johanna G FIN, Juuso K FIN, Merja K FIN, Tuomas M FIN, Jouko S FIN, Jukka O FIN, Henri M FIN, Pasi K FIN, Erno T FIN, Jenni S FIN, Toomas F FIN, Mia N SWE, Yaovanid P FIN, Esa J FIN, Tiina R FIN, Gustav E SWE, Petra C SWE, Jaakko P FIN, Jani B FIN, Arto U FIN, Markus R FIN, Ave L EST, Janne R EST, Vitalii K EST, Andres A EST, Jari L FIN, Ljubov V EST, Fredrik S SWE, Lemmo M EST, Ylle K FIN, Eero K FIN, Mika N FIN, Ari A FIN, Esa A FIN, Sari S FIN, Janek P EST, Mauri M FIN, Sanna K FIN

Juhani S FIN

Matias L FIN

Arja L FIN

Ülle S EST

Suvi V FIN

Otto H FIN

Hannu K FIN

Jouko L FIN, Mikael A FIN, Esa K FIN, Mika J FIN, Pekka M FIN, Ilpo V FIN, Tero M FIN, Jukka H FIN, Anette P SWE, Joacim M FIN, Susanna S FIN, Jani K FIN, Petri L FIN, Ritva N FIN, Tony H FIN, Pauli H FIN, Hannu H FIN, Daniel L SWE, Esa J FIN, Risto K FIN, Jussi K FIN, Harri M FIN, Katja K FIN, Patrik J SWE, Tiina L EST, Airet K EST, Marko S FIN, Svetlana S EST, Donald T SWE, Mauri M FIN, Jere V FIN, Tero R FIN, Pasi I FIN, Teemu K FIN, Christina B SWE, Niina S FIN, Erik B FIN, Teemu A FIN, Mika T FIN, Simo K FIN

Aimo P FIN

Mikko S FIN

Sampsa K FIN

Pasi P FIN

Jouni L FIN

Vitaly B EST

Juha A FIN

Martti A FIN, Heikki H FIN, Pekka M FIN, Mirja P FIN, Erja K FIN, Antti A FIN, Mika S FIN, Juha N FIN, Jussi L FIN, Mika P FIN, Juha R FIN, Mikael K FIN, Lasse L FIN, Anders N FIN, Torbjörn M SWE, Danny B SWE, Saku R FIN, Joni K FIN, Maj-Lis T SWE, Marko M FIN, Marika S FIN, Christopher B SWE, Riku T FIN, Sami R FIN, Reijo T FIN, Sirpa V FIN, Anita N SWE, Jevgeni I EST, Ritva M FIN, Terhi S FIN, Tanja M FIN, Toivo S FIN, Janina A FIN, Jyrki H FIN, Aila K FIN, Antti U FIN, Mervi L FIN, Marika M FIN, Anne N FIN, Mikko N FIN

  • All you need to do to be in the daily raffle is to meet the criteria of the day you want to be in the raffle.
  • You can join the raffle as many days as you would like to.
  • You have to play with real money and play with at least the minimum stake for the game in question. This applies if nothing else is stated.
  • The raffle is carried out among all players who have met the criteria for that day.
  • The winners will be contacted and their names published on this page the following business day, meaning Friday's and Saturday's winners will be contacted the following Monday.
  • We'll contact you by phone when you've won a gadget, so make sure you've entered the right phone number in your account!
  • You will be notified in your messages in your Paf account when you win free spins, so remember to check your messages.
  • Your free spins are valid for 36 hours, from 11:00 CET on the day you get them, until 22:59 CET the following day.