Bonus Info at Paf

You can receive lots of different bonuses from us. Some bonuses come from offers or campaigns and some are personally selected for you.

Free rounds

Free rounds (or free spins) are usually for a specific game and are valid for a limited time period. All winnings from free rounds (or free spins) are paid out to you as real money.

Bonus money

Most bonus money are subject to some wagering requirements that must be met before they can be converted into real money. Bonus money themselves cannot be paid out directly. You can find out more about how the bonuses work under Bonus FAQs.

Free Bets

We are generous with free bets for our betting players. They are often prizes in our competitions or can be sent directly to personal account messages. We even have Surprise Free Bets every day!

A bonus with turnover requirements is bonus money that must be bet (or turned over) a certain number of times before it becomes real money (withdrawable).

  • You will receive a bonus offer with turnover requirements and you activate it before a deposit. Follow the instructions in the offer and the bonus balance will be credited on your account.

  • This symbol stands for a bonus offer with wagering requirements.
  • To successfully convert the bonus balance into real money, turn over the bonus balance as many times as required.

  • The «Progress» display helps you to keep track.



  • When choosing your games, consider how much each game can contribute to your turnover.

  • 50%
    The symbol shows the gaming contribution in percentage for each game. For example, if 50% is displayed, that means that half of your bet will be credited to meet the wagering requirements.
    Example: You bet €1 in a game with a wagering contribution of 50%. This means that 50 cents will be credited for fulfilling the wagering requirements.
  • In each round you play, we take a part of your bet from your bonus balance and a part from your cash balance.

  • The ratio between cash balance and bonus balances for all your bets can be found under My gaming history.

    Cash balance

    Bonus balance

  • Once you have met the wagering requirements, your bonus balance will be converted into real money.

  • You can interrupt or cancel a bonus offer with turnover requirements at any time. If you do so, your bonus balance will be void.

  • If the offer expires before you have bet the required amount, the bonus balance will be void.

  • If your bonus balance goes down to zero before you have bet the required amount, the offer will be cancelled.

  • Once you activate a turnover offer any other bonus offers are disabled until your active turnover offer has been completed or cancelled.

  • While participating in a bonus offer with turnover requirements, you will not be able to make any withdrawals until the required turnover has been reached or the offer has been cancelled.

  • The only categories that can be used to turn over bonus money are Slots, Table Games, Live Casino, Betting, Lotteries and Video Poker. We will add more categories in the near future.

  • Categories not included in an active turnover bonus cannot be played while the offer is active.

Individual games contribute different percentages to the turnover requirement. Each game that is part of your active bonus displays its gaming contribution percentage.

Examples of gaming contribution percentage by category:

All games unless displayed otherwise
All games unless displayed otherwise
Settled bets with odds of at least 1.5
Video poker
All games unless displayed otherwise
Table games
All games unless displayed otherwise
Live casino
All games unless displayed otherwise

*The percentage of your bet that is counted towards your turnover requirement.

  • Bonus balance and cash balance are used proportionally for bets and winnings.

  • For example, if you have €100 in cash balance and €50 in bonus balance on your account, the ratio is 2:1.

  • €100
  • In this example if you place a bet of €30, your bet will consist of €20 real money and €10 bonus balance. Your winnings will be paid out to you in the same ratio.

  • €30