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Quick Guide

Here you can find out everything about bingo tournaments and how to get started

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How to get started

  • Select and buy in
    Choose the tournaments that suit you best in the Bingo Lobby

  • Play and enjoy
    Enter the tournament and see how you're doing

  • View your winnings
    You can also view past tournaments to see your previous results

What is a Bingo Tournament?

A tournament consists of three rounds of pattern bingo and you will receive points for every bingo you get. The players with most points win cash prizes or buy-ins for a tournament of their choice.

More prizes & more winners

The more players, the bigger the pot
Top 5 players win cash!
Next 5 players win a new buy-in
10 winners every time!

Six tournaments every day

  • Lunch Tournament
    11:00 CET
  • Coffee Tournament
    13:00 CET
  • After Work Tournament
    16:00 CET
  • Dinner Tournament
    18:00 CET
  • Supper Tournament
    20:00 CET
  • Late Night Tournament
    22:00 CET

The only difference between tournaments is the time of day they are played. You can buy all of them at once! Choose tournaments now.

Everyone has an equal chance to win!

Unlike in traditional bingo where players can choose the number of tickets they buy, in Bingo Tournaments everyone has the same number of tickets in the game and therefore the same chance to win.

Bingo every time!

We play 3 rounds of pattern bingo and each player has 9 tickets in the game. The faster you get bingo during each round, the more points you get. The number of points awarded declines with each called number.

A tournament takes about 10 minutes and the player with the highest score after all 3 rounds is the winner.


You can buy into all the tournaments at once. There is no limit to how many tournaments you can buy into.

Once you have bought into tournaments your tickets will participate even if you're not following the game. You can do something else and just return to check how you are doing when ever you want.

Weekly Leaderboard

Play daily to win weekly prizes!

All daily tournaments win you weekly points. Weekly prizes will be paid out next Monday afternoon.

All the points you gather during the tournaments are added to the leaderboard. The 5 players with most points at the end of the week will be rewarded with cash prizes. You'll find the names of all the winners on our Winners Page.

See how you are doing in the Weekly Leaderboard.

Bingo Tournaments FAQ

Here you can find answers to your questions about Bingo Tournaments. If not, please contact our friendly Helpdesk. For more information about the game, please view this page .

First choose the day you want to buy into by selecting one of the days in the Bingo Tournaments Lobby. Join tournaments by ticking the box that you find to the right of the tournament name. Press the Buy-in button below the list of tournaments after you have made your selection.

You can see the results of your previous tournaments in the Bingo Tournaments Lobby. Just select the day to see your position and details of your win.

You can cancel a pre-bought tournament at any time before the game starts. Click on details of the tournament in the lobby and then select Unregister.

The faster you get bingo the more points you get. You have 9 tickets in the tournament and one pattern to complete per round. You earn points from each round with all your tickets.

The prize pot depends on the number of players. The more players there are, the bigger the pot and your share of the win will be.

You can use your free tournament buy-in for any bingo tournament. If you have a free buy-in, you will see a “Use your free buy-in” button at the bottom of the tournament list instead of a normal buy-in button.

Please remember to use your free tournament buy-in within 7 days of receiving it.