We're launching a new bingo experience

Now our brand new client is here. This week we're celebrating with a raffle among all our bingo players!

Some of the new features:

  • A better mobile view so you can see all your bingo tickets vertically.

  • All functionalities have been gathered under the 'Menu' option in the game rooms.

  • The design and functionality have been improved both on desktop and mobile to give you an overall better bingo experience!

We're celebrating with a raffle!

100 bingo packages – each containing:

1 Bingo Variant ticket

5 Cash & Carry Bingo tickets

1 Paf Bingo ticket

1 Aulis Classic ‘75 ticket

How to win

Just make sure you have played bingo within the last 30 days or otherwise do so asap! Any bingo game counts.

We'll notify the winners with a winner letter to their Account Messages on Paf.

  • If you haven't played bingo within the last 30 days, play any bingo game before 23:59 on Sunday 1 December.
  • There's no minimum amount of tickets to qualify for the raffle.
  • Each bingo package is worth €4.
  • Winners will receive a winner letter in their Account Messages at Paf at 13:00 on Monday 2 December.
  • Paf reserves the right to change or cancel this raffle at any time.