The winners don't take it all!

Players falling outside the leaderboard can get up to 6 free buy-ins in our Cash & Carry Bingo Tournaments

This is how it works

Play Cash & Carry Bingo Tournaments this week. If you fail to finish on the leaderboard during the whole week you can win free buy-ins!

This is how many buy-ins you get for missing the leaderboard in tournaments:

3–5 tournaments: 1 free buy-in 6–10 tournaments: 2 free buy-ins 11–42 tournaments: 6 free buy-ins

  • Each qualifying week starts at midnight between Sunday and Monday and ends at midnight 7 days later.
  • You qualify for the offer by playing at least 3 Cash & Carry Bingo Tournaments during the offer period without reaching the leaderboard.
  • If you reach the leaderboard in any Cash & Carry bingo tournament during the offer period you can no longer take advantage of the offer.
  • The free buy-ins are worth €2 each and they are valid for Cash & Carry Bingo Tournaments.
  • When you have fulfilled the criteria you will receive a winner letter (in your Messages) and your buy-ins can be found in the Cash & Carry Bingo Tournament room from midnight between Sunday and Monday the week/s when you have fulfilled the criteria. The buy-ins are valid for 7 days.
  • Paf reserves the right to cancel or change this campaign at any time.