Everyone has an equal chance of winning!

Join a Cash & Carry bingo tournament and win your share of the prize pool or a new tournament ticket. In this tournament everyone starts on the same line.

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Play daily to win weekly prizes!

At the end of the week the top five players in the weekly leaderboard win cash prizes.


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Bingo – jackpots, tournaments and cash prizes

At Paf we have a great range of popular bingo games. Games such as Bingo VariantCash & Carry Bingo, Lucky Colours, Paf Bingo and Aulis Classic '75 are made to appeal to different speeds, styles and tastes. There’s 75-number and 90-number bingo. In our ever-popular Bingo Variant the big jackpot often rises well above €100,000.

Our daily bingo tournaments feature Cash and Carry. These tournaments reward regular players with significant cash prizes at the top of our weekly leaderboard. All of our bingo rooms have lively chat rooms. Sometimes our friendly Chat Hosts offer a bit extra with fun quizzes. Play bingo at Paf today and soak up the great atmosphere!