Paf makes a difference

Over 300 million euros donated for the benefit of society

We’d like to thank you and all our other players for your support over the years. You may be wondering why?

We started on 31 October 1966 on the little Finnish island of Åland, situated in the Baltic Sea halfway between Finland and Sweden. Our goal then was as simple as it was clear: to generate and distribute a financial surplus for the benefit of society through gaming. A lot has happened at Paf since 1966, but our original goal remains unchanged. Doing good continues to be the sole objective of our activity.

It is, therefore, with tremendous pride that we can now look back and say that since the start we have generated a total surplus of more than €300 million with the help of all our players. This huge surplus has been distributed annually to a large number of non-profit organisations providing services for, for example, disabled people, pensioners, children, young people, culture, sports, the environment and public health.

We would like to say an enormous thank-you for choosing to play with us. Whether you have been a customer from the start or whether you have just discovered us, the fact that you have chosen Paf means a great deal not only to us but to those who receive our surplus every year.

On this page you can find out more about some of the projects being financed by Paf and what significance our surplus has real people with real needs.


Read more about us on our corporate site. You can also find out about some of the projects we support in the stories below.

Some of the beneficial organisations and projects Paf supports:

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