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Responsible Gaming

Pure gaming. Safe entertainment.

For us, games are entertainment. It should always be fun to play at Paf. That is why we make sure that all Paf games are played in a safe and controlled environment and that any negative consequences of gaming are limited.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that around two per cent of the population in most countries suffers from some sort of gaming problem. Around a quarter of these, approx. 0.5%, are considered to have a gaming addiction.

We think, ultimately, that it is always up to the individual to decide how much they play. However, since we aim to achieve long and rewarding relationships with people who choose to play with us, it is in our interest to take precautions in order to prevent gambling problems and to provide support when it is needed.

It is very important to provide information on the risks associated with gaming and not least to protect young people from establishing unhealthy gaming habits. The younger you are, the more susceptible you are to developing an addiction. That is why we do not allow anyone under 18 to play with us.

We provide Tools to enable self-control and we believe that all players can benefit from taking a closer look at these tools. We work systematically by studying the gaming behaviour of our players through our in-house developed system that we call Responsible Gaming Radar. Our aim is to see responsible gaming signals early and detect negative gaming behaviour. We have a team who work with these issues, and their aim is to contact people who are considered to be in the risk zone as early as possible.

Everybody who wins more than 20,000 euros is contacted personally by us. That contact always includes a recommendation to freeze the gaming account. We also ensure that our big winners receive financial advice and that they are in contact with their bank in order to manage the win, which can often be life-changing, in the best way possible.

We consider knowledge about gaming addiction to be fundamental. Our staff therefore receive continuous training, and we also support research within the area. Paf financed the Gapro Care Åland (Gambling Problem Care) research project, among others, which was led by Professor Barbro Gustafsson at Åland University of Applied Sciences and the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

One concrete result of the project is our gaming insurance that can provide professional support for those with a gaming addiction. But above all else, the research project has taught us a great deal. This knowledge is important when we develop future methods for preventing and managing gambling problems.