We love it when the chat rooms are crowded. That’s why we often create quizzes and competitions where you can win extra money, bingo tickets and prizes.


To take part in our quizzes you need to be playing in the Bingo game. So buy a ticket and join us for some extra fun while you play. One of our chat hosts will ask a question in the chatroom. The first player to guess the right answer wins bonus money. The questions will be about our games or general knowledge. Everyone has a chance to win, but you cannot receive bonus money for more than three questions. At least two players must participate in each round of the quiz. Answers must be spelt correctly in the chat

Lucky Number

Our chat host will randomly choose a number between one and 75. If the number is 25, for example, when it comes up in the game you write LUCKY NUMBER25. If you are the first you win the prize. If the number is not announced during a game it goes to the next game.


Either the chat host or you choose three BIG winning numbers, for example, B6, I25 and G46. As soon as those specific numbers are drawn you would then write BIG, 6, 25, 46. If you are first to post BIG winning numbers then you win the prize.

BlackJack Bingo

You choose three numbers between one and 75 where the last figures in the three numbers added together total 21 (for example 17, 28, 56. 7+8+6 = 21) and write them in the chat before the game starts. As soon as your three numbers are drawn write BLACKJACK. If you are the first BLACKJACK you win the prize


Choose a number between one and 75 and give it to the chat host. When you see your number drawn out type NEXTOUT followed by your number. If you are the first to post NEXTOUT you win the prize.

High or Low

Players will be randomly selected before every game to guess whether the first ball of the next game will be higher or lower than the last ball of the previous game. Guess correctly and you’ll win the prize.


In this game you must choose two numbers that are mirror images of each other, for example, MIRROR 21 12. When your numbers are called you would then write MIRROR 21 12. If you are the first to write MIRROR you are the winner.

Bingo Chat Room Rules

Help everyone enjoy their visit by following these simple rules:


  • Be kind and polite
  • Share your ideas
  • Share fun recipes or other good tips
  • Have fun among friends

Please don't

  • Share, discuss or link to any illegal or abusive material
  • Use abusive language
  • Share, discuss or link to any promotional material
  • Impersonate anyone else, misuse player information or spread online viruses

For more information, go here or contact our Helpdesk. Thanks for listening.