Free Bet

This is how it works

  • A free bet means that you get a sum from us to play for. The amount we give to you can vary.
  • You can always find your free bet in Betting – it’s shown by the stake box of your coupon once you have made your bet selection.
  • Click on the grey Free Bet box to see the value of your active free bets. To place your free bet simply click on the black box of your desired free bet. (See our screenshot examples)
  • A free bet is completely risk-free for you. We simply insert the stake and you keep any winnings. For example: You play your 10 euro free bet on Dortmund to win over Bayern Munich at odds of 2.50. The bet wins, so 10 euros x 2.50 = 25 euros. We retain stake of 10 euros and you get the winnings of 15 euros. The money you win does not have any so-called ‘turnover requirements’. It’s your money and you can use it in any way you want.
  • If there are no stated restrictions then you can use your free bet wherever you like in Betting. Sometimes a free bet may be restricted to live betting, mobile devices or a particular league or match. Then those restrictions apply, even in combination play. For example: If the requirement states Bundesliga only, a double using Dortmund and Schalke to win their matches is ok. A double using Dortmund and Barcelona to win is invalid because Barcelona do not play in the Bundesliga
  • A free bet must be used as a single bet. It cannot be split into several different bets.