Work at Paf

We at Paf believe that a happy, self-motivated and empowered workforce is our greatest asset. We strive to provide an environment to maximize these goals and also encourage a sense of responsibility in daily working life which is appropriate to our industry.

From our foundation in 1966 we have been a good cause organization that happens to have chosen gaming as the method of generating revenue for good causes. We don’t like to think of ourselves as a gaming company that happens to give our money to good causes.

The annual Paf staff beach volleyball competition

And so we feel it is important that every employee feels that they are working to generate entertainment that supports good causes directly. This is the concept that drives our employment policies.

A European network

We already employ over 400 people in a lively multicultural environment. The company's head office is on Åland with additional offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Madrid and Tallinn. We also operate on cruise ships across the Baltic.

We have a diverse business

We develop and manage the majority of our technical and business operations in-house, including making our own games. Paf employs people in a wide range of roles. Financial expertise, IT, programmers, designers, customer care, human resources, statistical analysis, engineers, a mechanical and electronic workshop, marketing, sales, croupiers, support staff… the list is almost endless.

Join us in a good cause

We are always looking for new professionals to contribute to the success of our company and add something special to that Play Among Friends feeling. If you are interested in working for us, please send your CV and a covering letter to